Incompatible Changes link

This is a list of changes that may require intervention in the form of changes to scripts or your development environment. Our intent is that all other changes should not affect existing scripts.

Note that setting config.script_version will cause many of these changes to be reverted, at the cost of losing access to recent features.

Incompatible changes to the GUI are documented at Incompatible GUI Changes, as such changes only take effect when the GUI is regenerated.

Pending Deprecations link

These are changes that will take effect in a future version of Ren'Py.

Support for Python 2 and Ren'Py 7 will be dropped 1 year after Ren'Py 8.1 is released, in May 2024.

The original OpenGL renderer will be removed 1 year after Ren'Py 8.1 is released, after May 2024. Ren'Py 8.2 and 7.7 disable the config.gl2 flag, as GL2 will always be used unless the player selects a different renderer.

Support for Window 7, 8, and 8.1 will be dropped after May 2024, to allow the use of versions of Python that only support Windows 10 and later.

8.2.2 / 7.7.2 link

Fill and Frames In certain cases in 8.2.1 and earlier, the xfill and yfill style properties could cause Frames, Windows, and Buttons to shrink in size. Now, only expansion in size is allowed. To revert this, add:

define config.fill_shrinks_frame = True

8.2.1 / 7.7.1 link

*Vertical Text Vertical text had been improved in the harfbuzz shaper, with the text now being rendered in the correct place. This may cause position changes, but since the previous version was wildly incorrect, no compatibility define is provided.

8.2.0 / 7.7.0 link

Stringified annotations and the aborted future of PEP 563 Since Ren'Py version 8.0.2, Python code in Ren'Py 8 was always compiled using the from __future__ import annotations directive, with no possible opt-out for creators.

Given that this change will most likely not be implemented by default in future versions of Python, we rolled that change back.

In order to keep using the annotations future for stringified annotations, you can add the following line at the top of your files:

rpy python annotations

Text Changes Ren'Py uses harfbuzz for shaping, which may produce different glyphs than would have been produced differently, and may change the spacing of text. The positioning of vertical text has also been changed by harfbuzz rendering.

To revert this changes, include in your game:

style default:
    shaper "freetype"

Ren'Py will automatically use an Emoji font when required. To disable this, add:

style default:
    emoji_font None

Interpolation Changes Interpolations in strings are now treated as Python expressions, this results in mostly equivelent behaviour when interpreting fields except when item getters are in use. For example:

# Previously
e "[player[money]]" #=> player['money']
# But now
e "[player[money]]" #=> player[money]

To revert this behaviour, add the following to your game:

define config.interpolate_exprs = False

To help other developers work while you're migrating your game to the new behavior, there is a fallback mode that will first try the new behavior, and then fall back to the old behavior if the new behavior fails. To enable this, add the following to your game:

define config.interpolate_exprs = "fallback"

Polar Coordinate Changes Ren'Py now enforces that the angles given to the angle and anchorangle properties are in the range 0 to 360 degrees, inclusive of 0 but not of 360. Previously, angles outside this range gave undefined behavior, now the angles will be clamped to this range. A 360 degree change will no longer cause motion, but will instead be treated as a 0 degree change.

When animating angle and anchorangle with ATL, if a direction is not supplied, the shortest arc will be used, even if it passes through 0.

There is not a compatibility define for these changes, as they are unlikely to affect the visible behavior of games in practice.

Empty ATL Blocks Forbidden Previously, Ren'Py would allow an empty ATL block. Now it will report that a block is required. You'll need to change:

show eileen happy:


show eileen happy

In the unlikely case that you have an empty ATL block.

Box Reverse The box_reverse style property has changed its behavior in two ways:

  • Space is offered to displayables in the order the displayables are presented in the screen, where previously the space was offered in reverse order when box_reverse was enabled. This can change the sizes of some displayables.

  • A hbox that has box_wrap set will wrap from top to bottom, rather than bottom to top. A vbox with box_wrap set will wrap from left to right, rather than right to left.

The goal of these changes is to make the behavior of box_reverse more useful for laying out interfaces in right-to-left languages. To revert these changes, add to your game:

define config.simple_box_reverse = True

build.itch_channels That variable was always documented as a dict but was mistakenly implemented as a list of tuples. It's now truly a dict. If you were using list operations on it, you'll need to change your code:

# formerly
$ build.itch_channels.append(("pattern", "channel"))
$ build.itch_channels.extend([("pattern", "channel")])
define build.itch_channels += [("pattern", "channel")]

# now
$ build.itch_channels["pattern"] = "channel"
$ build.itch_channels.update({"pattern": "channel"})
define build.itch_channels["pattern"] = "channel"
define build.itch_channels |= {"pattern": "channel"}

New position type The new position() type has been added to the list of position types. As a result, it can be returned by the renpy.get_placement() function at any time, even in cases when it previously returned another type or if you don't use the new type anywhere in your game.

To prevent this, add to your game:

define config.mixed_position = False

Drag Group Add Changes Adding a displayable to a DragGroup now adds it above the other displayables in the group, rather than below them.

To change this, add to your game:

define config.drag_group_add_top = False

Translate Statements and config.statement_callbacks Translate statements (including internal statements that Ren'Py automatically generates) will no longer cause config.statement_callbacks to be called.

Transitions Use Child Placements If the child of a transitions provides placement information, that will be used by the transition itself. This only makes sense when the transition is used by an ATL transition, and both the old and new children provide the same placement information.

To disable this, add to your game:

define config.transitions_use_child_placement = False

Containers Pass Transform Events Containers (including fixed, hbox, vbox, side, grid, viewport, and vpgrid) now pass some transform events (hover, idle, insensitive, selected_hover, and selected_idle) to their children, meaning that children of a button can have their own transforms to respond to those events.

To disable this, add to your game:

define config.containers_pass_transform_events = set()

Say Screens Are Supplied the Replace Event. Say screens are now supplied the "replace" (rather than "show") transform event for the second and subsequent pauses.

To disable this, add to your game:

define config.say_replace_event = False

Re-showing A Screen No Longer Cancels a Hide Event Previously, if a screen was hidden and re-shown, a hide or replace transform event associated with the same screen would be cancelled, and the hiding or replaced screen would instantly disappear. Now, the event will be allowed to run to completion.

To disable this, add to your game:

define config.screens_never_cancel_hide = False

8.1.1 / 7.6.1 link

Android Key Migration We've received reports of games uploaded to the Google Play as bundles having their APKs rejected for having different keys. This was caused by an old release of Ren'Py that used the APK key for bundles. In the Play Console, this produced an error message like:

You uploaded an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate. You must use
the same certificate. The upload certificate has fingerprint:

    SHA1: ...

and the certificate used to sign the APK you uploaded has fingerprint:

    SHA1: ...

While this can be cause by other problems (like simply using entirely incorrect keys), one potential fix is:

  1. In your project's base directory, rename bundle.keystore to bundle.keystore.bak.

  2. In your project's base directory, copy android.keystore to bundle.keystore.

Then rebuild and re-upload your bundle.

8.1.0 / 7.6.0 link

Conflicting properties The former default input screen, which may have found its way into your game, contains conflicting style properties. The fix for that is as follows:

+define config.check_conflicting_properties = True

 screen input(prompt):
     style_prefix "input"

-            xalign gui.dialogue_text_xalign
+            xanchor gui.dialogue_text_xalign
             xpos gui.dialogue_xpos
             xsize gui.dialogue_width
             ypos gui.dialogue_ypos
             text prompt style "input_prompt"
             input id "input"

Speech Bubbles Adding bubble support to an existing game requires adding files and script to the game. The Speech Bubbles documentation includes the required changes.

Live2D Ren'Py now requires Live2D Cubism 4 SDK for Native R6_2 or later. It may refuse to run if an older version is used.

Texture Memory Ren'Py now accounts for texture memory more precisely. In general, games can raise config.image_cache_size_mb by 33%, and use the same amount of memory.

Audio Fadeout When audio is stopped or changed using play, there is now a default fadeout of 0.016 seconds, to prevent pops. This is controlled by the config.fadeout_audio variable. To disable the fadeout:

define config.fadeout_audio = 0.0

Fading is now logarithmic, which sounds smoother to the human ear as it matches the way ears perceive sound. To revert to the old linear fades:

define config.linear_fades = True

Translate None Ren'Py will now produce an error when encountering an explicit translate None statement that does not translate strings, styles, or python. These should be rare, in practice. The recommended change is to replace:

translate None start_abcd1234:
    e "This is a test"


e "This is a test" id start_abcd1234

This change can also be reverted with:

define config.check_translate_none = False

Keymap The keymap has changed substantially, which means that if your game changes the default keymap - usually a bad idea - it will need to be updated to reflect the new keysyms.

File Search Ren'Py will now only look for image files in game/images, rather than all files. To look for all files in game/images, use:

define config.search_prefixes += [ "images/" ]

The paths that are searched consider the purpose of the file, rather than the type or extensions. So renpy.loadable("dlc.jpg") won't look for game/images/dlc.jpg. If you'd like to find that file, write renpy.loadable("images/dlc.jpg"). If you'd like to search for a file that can be in either game/ or game/images, write renpy.loadable("dlc.jpg", "images").

Android Android has been changed so that the android.keystore file and bundle.keystore file are expected to be found in the project's base directory, and not in the rapt directory. This allows projects to be built with different keys, and helps ensure the same keys are used with multiple Android versions.

If you'd like to use your own keys, configure your game, edit android.json to set update_keystores to false, and then edit and in rapt/project to point to your own keystore files.

The android configuration file has been renamed from .android.json to android.json. Ren'Py will automatically create the new file if the old exists.

Dialogue history Dialogue is now present in the history list (and hence the history screen) during the statement in which the dialogue is shown. Previously, it was only present at the end of the statement. During the statement, the dialogue is shown with a kind of "current".

In rare cases, your game might have relied on the old behavior. If so, it can be disabled with:

define config.history_current_dialogue = False

Steam appid When config.steam_appid is not set, Ren'Py will delete any existing steam_appid.txt file in the game directory. This is to prevent the wrong app id from being used.

Sticky layers This release introduces the concept of sticky layers which help automatically manage tags being placed on layers other than their default. In the rare case that a game requires multiple of the same tag, to be displayed at the same time, on different layers then this may not be desirable.

To disable sticky layers entirely, add to your game:

define config.sticky_layers = [ ]

Alternatively, to prevent only specific layers from being sticky, update their definitions to include sticky=False:

init python:
    renpy.add_layer("ptfe", sticky=False)

Lenticular bracket ruby text This release of Ren'Py introduces lenticular bracket ruby text, an easier way of writing ruby text. If a game included a literal 【, it needs to be doubled, to "【【", to quote it properly. (This is only strictly necessary when the text is succeded by a full-width vertical bar, but works always.)

To disable lenticular bracket ruby text, add to your game:

define config.lenticular_bracket_ruby = False

Constant stores. This release of Ren'Py introduces constant stores, and makes some of the built-in stores constant. Constant stores should not change outside of the init phase. The following stores are constant:

_errorhandling _gamepad _renpysteam _warper audio achievement build director iap layeredimage updater

If your game changes a variable in one of these stores, outside of the init, the store can be set to non-constant with (for example):

define audio._constant = False

Mixer volumes now must be specified using a new format, where 0.0 is -40 dB (power) and 1.0 is 0 dB (power). To use the old format, where the samples were multiplied by volume ** 2, use:

define config.quadratic_volumes = True

Alternatively, you can determine new default volumes for config.default_music_volume, config.default_sfx_volume, and config.default_voice_volume variables. If any of these is 0.0 or 1.0, it can be left unchanged.

At Transform and Global Variables An at transform block that uses a global variable is not re-evaluated when the variable changes. This matches the behavior for ATL that is not in screens.

The recommended fix is to capture the global variable into a local, by changing:

screen test():
    test "Test":
        at transform:
            xpos global_xpos


screen test():
    $ local_xpos = global_xpos

    test "Test":
        at transform:
            xpos local_xpos

This change can be reverted with:

define config.at_transform_compare_full_context = True

8.0.2 / 7.5.2 link

A modal screen now blocks the pause statement and renpy.pause`() function from timing out. This was the indended behavior, but didn't work in some cases. This change can be reverted with:

define config.modal_blocks_pause = False

The default games no longer filter Ruby/Furigana text tags from the history. This requires the line in screens.rpy that sets gui.history_allow_tags to be changed to:

define gui.history_allow_tags = { "alt", "noalt", "rt", "rb", "art" }

This change is only required if your game uses Ruby/Furigana text tags.

8.0.0 / 7.5.0 link

The "Windows, Mac, and Linux for Markets" distribution has been changed to no longer prefix the contents of the zip file created with the directory name and version number. If you'd like to retain the old behavior, add to your game:

init python:
    build.package("market", "zip", "windows linux mac renpy all", "Windows, Mac, Linux for Markets")

For the noalt text tag to work with history, you'll need to edit screens.rpy to make sure that gui.history_allow_tags contains "noalt". The defaultfor this variable is:

define gui.history_allow_tags = { "alt", "noalt" }

(This change was necessary in 7.4, but only documented now.)

The behavior of Ren'Py changed sometime in the 7.4 series, such that rollback through a load behaved correctly, and reverted the changes performed in the after_load label, and by config.after_load_callbacks. (The previous behavior was undefined, with some changes reverted and some not, leaving the game in an inconsistent state.) If your game has to migrate data after a load, it's now recommended to call renpy.block_rollback() to prevent the changes from being rolled back.

The config.narrator_menu variable now defaults to True. It's been set to true in the default screens.rpy for some time. In the unlikely event it was false in your game, restore the old behavior with:

define config.narrator_menu = False

The sound and voice channels are now stopped when ending the main menu. To revert to the prior behavior (only the movie channel was stopped), add to your game:

define config.main_menu_stop_channels = [ "movie" ]

Screens called by call screen no longer support roll forward by default. See the changelog for the problems it can cause. Roll forward can be enabled on a per screen basis with the roll_forward property, or for all screens with:

define config.call_screen_roll_forward = True

Key and timer statements no longer take up space inside a vbox or hbox, and the showif statement does not take up space when its child is hidden. To revert this change:

define config.box_skip = False

The focus_mask style property now defaults to None for drag displayables. This improves performance, but means that the displayable can be dragged by transparent pixels. To revert this, the focus_mask property can be set to True for individual drags, or globally with:

style drag:
    focus_mask True

Both options reduce performance.

The outline_scaling style property now defaults to "linear". This means the window scaling factor is applied to the outline size, and then rounded to an integer. This can cause multiple outlines of similar sizes to disappear. To revert this, the outline_scaling property can be set to "step" for individual text elements, or globally with:

style default:
    outline_scaling "step"

The crop_relative transform property now defaults to True instead of False. Absolute numbers of pixels to set the cropping should be expressed with ints or absolute numbers. To revert to the former default behavior, which casts floats to an absolute number of pixels, use:

define config.crop_relative_default = False

However, be warned that like most things documented only on this page, this will conflict with - and cannot be used at the same time as - some other new features. This setting applies to crop, and also now to corner1 and corner2.

The platform-specific directories inside lib/ have had name changes. The lib/windows-x86_64 directory is now lib/py2-windows-x86_64. This change helps support the development of the Python 3 powered Ren'Py 8. These directories are not documented, and may change between Ren'Py versions, but we do guarantee that sys.executable is set.

Vpgrids cannot be overfull anymore, and can only be underfull if the allow_underfull property is passed, or if config.allow_underfull_grids is set to True.

The way layered images place their children, and how children with variable size are sized, has changed. Instead of taking into account the available area in the context the layeredimage is displayed, it now presumes the size of the screen is available, unless an explicit size has been given with xsize, ysize or xysize. To revert to the old behavior, where a layeredimage can display differently in different contexts, you can use:

define config.layeredimage_offer_screen = False

Or you can also toggle it for specific layeredimages by passing them the offer_screen property.

The function statement in ATL will only block catch-up in cases where it executes more than once. To revert to the old behavior, where ATL would block at a function, use:

define config.atl_function_always_blocks = True

7.4.11 link

Ren'Py will now run a button's unhovered property even when focus is changed by default, such as when a screen is shown or unshown. To revert to the old behavior, use:

define config.always_unfocus = False

7.4.9 link

Ren'Py will now interpret floating point numbers given to a Transform's xsize or ysize properties as a size relative to the area available to the Transform. To revert this change:

define config.relative_transform_size = False

The order in which Ren'Py's self-voicing reads out layers, screens, and displayables in screens has changed so that screens and displayables closest to the player are read first. To revert to the old order:

define config.tts_front_to_back = False

7.4.7 link

When xminimum and xmaximum are both floats, the minimum is interpreted as being a fraction of the available area. This means that xsize will have the expected result when being given a float. This may cause some displayables to change size. To revert this change:

define config.adjust_minimums = False

An ATL displayable will now start its animation when it first appears, rather than when the screen itself is shown. To revert this change:

define config.atl_start_on_show = False

Input carets now blink by default. To change this:

define config.input_caret_blink = False

7.4.6 link

The change regarding the layer at list in 7.4.5 was reverted. The new camera statement defaults to the new semantics, while leaving show layer alone.

7.4.5 link

Games produced with this version use the model-based renderer by default. To disable the model-based renderer, use:

define config.gl2 = False

Reverted in 7.4.6 The scene statement no longer clears the layer at list. To clear the layer at list, use:

show layer master

Where "master" is the name of the layer. Alternatively, the old behavior can be restored with:

define config.scene_clears_layer_at_list = True

7.4.3 link

It is now possible to click to dismiss transitions introduced with renpy.transition(), and places that use it like the with clause of say or call screen statement. To prevent this, use:

define config.dismiss_blocking_transitions = False

7.4.1 link

Pause with a delay now uses renpy.pause() rather than with Pause(...). This means that the user will have to click to bypass multiple pauses in a row. To revert to the old behavior, use:

define config.pause_with_transition = True

7.4 link

Mobile platforms now use hardware, rather than software, video playback. To restore the old behavior, use:

define config.hw_video = True

Ren'Py will now only show side images if with at least one attribute in addition to the image tag. To disable this, use:

define config.side_image_requires_attributes = False

While setting config variables, like config.mouse, outside of the init phase was never supported, it will not work in 7.4. Consider using the default_mouse variable to set a custom mouse cursor, instead.

7.3.3 link

Callbacks registered with config.start_callbacks are now run after default statements in all cases. To restore the old behavior (where callbacks were run before default statements during game but not replay start), use:

define config.early_start_store = True

When given to a viewport or vpgrid with scrollbars, the minimum, xminimum, and yminimum side properties now apply to the side containing the scrollbars and viewport, and not solely the viewport.

To work around this, either use viewport_minimum, viewport_xminimum, and viewport_yminimum, or include:

define config.compat_viewport_minimum = True

7.3.0 link

Screen language now produces the error "a non-constant keyword argument ... is not allowed after a python block." when it encounters screens similar to the following:

screen test():

    default a = 0

        $ a = 1
        action Return(a)

        text "Test"

This is because the property action is run before the python assignment, meaning this was returning 0 when clicked, not 1. To disable this check, add

define config.keyword_after_python = True

to a file named 01compat.rpy in your game's game directory. However, your game will have the old behavior.

The order in which children of the side layout are drawn is now taken from the control string. To revert to the old fixed order, use:

define config.keep_side_render_order = False

The interface of config.say_attribute_transition_callback has been changed in an incompatible way, to allow sets of old and new tags to be given. To revert to the old interface, use:

define config.say_attribute_transition_callback_attrs = False

It's mode parameter has also been slightly changed, and will now return a value of both when both a permanent and temporary attribute transition is occuring.

7.2.2 link

config.say_attribute_transition_callback has been changed to accept a new argument, the image being displayed.

7.1.1 link

Ren'Py's window auto function will now determine if dialogue or a caption is associated with a menu statement, and will attempt to hide or show the dialogue window as appropriate. A "Force Recompile" is necessary to include the information that enables this feature. While it should work with older games, this can be disabled and the old behavior restored with:

define config.menu_showed_window = True
define config.window_auto_show = [ "say" ]
define config.window_auto_hide = [ "scene", "call screen" ]

While not technically an incompatible change, there is a recommend change to the history screen. Please see the changelog entry for details of how to update your game.

7.1 link

When an image is not being show, say-with-attributes now resolves a side image, rather than just using the attributes given. To disable this, add:

define config.say_attributes_use_side_image = False

7.0 link

Ren'Py now defines automatic images at init 0, rather than at a very late init level. To revert to the prior behavior, add to your game:

init -1:
    define config.late_images_scan = True

The Dissolve(), ImageDissolve(), and AlphaDissolve() transitions now default to using the alpha channel of the source displayables, as if alpha=True was given. To revert this change, add:

define config.dissolve_force_alpha = False

Showing a movie sprite that is already showing will now replay the movie. To revert to the previous behavior:

define config.replay_movie_sprites = False

6.99.13 link

The size of a hyperlink is now inherited from the size of the enclosing text. To disable this, add:

define config.hyperlink_inherit_size = False

The {nw} text tag now waits until voice and self-voicing are finished before it continues. To disable this behavior, add:

define config.nw_voice = False

ATL Transforms now show at least one frame whenever a pause or interpolation occurs. When a game doesn't expect this, it can show up as a series of rapidly displayed single frames. This can be disabled with:

define config.atl_one_frame = False

The show layer at statement now persists the state of a transform like any other ATL transform. This can lead to a behavior change in which, for example, an offset persists between multiple show layer at statements. To disable this, write:

define config.keep_show_layer_state = False

While not an incompatible change, renpy.list_files() has been changed to sort its output in a standard order. The causes Ren'Py to commit to behavior that had been ambiguous. For example, when multiple files in the images directory had the same name, Ren'Py would pick one at random. (The file picked could change from system to system.) Now, the same file is chosen wherever Ren'Py is run. link

Ren'Py will no longer search for system-installed fonts when in developer mode. If you game was using a system installed font, the font file should be copied into the game/ directory. (But please make sure that this is compatible with the font file's license.)

6.99.11 link

The order of execution of style and translate statements has changed, as documented in the changelog. To revent this change, add the code:

define config.new_translate_order = False

Note that reverting this change may prevent the new GUI from working.

The config.quit_action variable has changed its default to one that causes the quit prompt to be displayed of the in-game context. To revert to the old behavior, add the code:

define config.quit_action = ui.gamemenus("_quit_prompt")

Ren'Py now enforces maximum sizes given to buttons and windows. To disable this behavior, add the code:

define config.enforce_window_max_size = False

6.99.9 link

Ren'Py now plays interface sounds on a channel named "audio", that supports multiple sound playback at once. This channel might not have the same settings as a customized sound channel. The audio channel settings can be changed by adjusting config.auto_channels, or the sound channel can be used by adding the code:

define config.play_channel = "sound"

6.99.2 link

Ren'Py will now scan the an image directory (the directory named images underneath the game directory) for images, and define them based on their filename. To disable this behavior, use the code:

init python:
    config.image_directory = None

6.18 link

The show screen and call screen statements may now evaluate their arguments as part of the screen prediction process. If evaluating the arguments to a screen causes side effects to occur, the show screen or call screen statements should be given the new nopredict clause, which prevents prediction.

Screens now participate in transitions – transitions now go from the old state of the screen to the new state. To disable this, set config.transition_screens to false.

Ren'Py no longer uses structural equality to transfer state (for example, the state of a transform) when a screen replaces a screen with the same tag. Instead, the use statement now supports an id property, which can be used to explicitly transfer state.

6.16 link

The meaning of the loop parameter to MusicRoom() has changed. To get the old behavior, set both loop and single_track to true.

6.15.7 link

Ren'Py now expects auto-forward mode to be controlled by the "auto-forward" Preference(). To have it controlled by the auto-forward mode slider, set config.default_afm_enable to None.

6.14 link

Previously, Ren'Py moved archived files into the archived/ directory. It would search this directory automatically when running a game or building archives. One-click builds make this unnecessary, and files in archived/ should be moved back into the game directory.

MoveTransition() has changed its interface. The old version of MoveTransition can be accessed as OldMoveTransition, if you don't want to rewrite your code. (The changes only matter if you use factories with MoveTransition.)

Transform() has changed its behavior with regards to asymmetrically scaled and rotated images. It's unlikely the old behavior was ever used.

6.13.8 link

Old-style string interpolation has been re-enabled by default. If you wrote code (between 6.13 and 6.13.7) that uses % in say or menu statements, you should either write %% instead, or include the code:

init python:
    config.old_substitutions = False

6.13 link

The changes to text behavior can affect games in development in many ways. The biggest change is the introduction of new-style (square-bracket) text substitutions, and the elimination of old-style (percent-based) substitutions. These changes can be reverted with the code:

init python:
    config.old_substitutions = True
    config.new_substitutions = False

New- and old-style substitutions can coexist in the same game, by setting both variables to True.

Ren'Py has also changed the default line-wrapping behavior. While the new behavior should never increase the number of lines in a paragraph, it may change which words fall on each line. To restore the old behavior, add the code:

init python:
    style.default.layout = "greedy"
    style.default.language = "western"

A bug with negative line_spacing was fixed. This fix can cause blocks of text to shrink in height. To revert to the old behavior, use:

init python:
    config.broken_line_spacing = True

Finally, the new text code may lead to artifacts when displaying slow text, especially in conjunction with a negative line spacing. Consider adjusting line_overlap_split to fix this.

6.12.1 link

Image names have changed from being static names to being attribute-based. This can lead to image names that were previously distinct becoming ambiguous. To disable attribute-based image names, set config.image_attributes to False.

Showing an image without providing a transform or ATL block will now continue the previous transform that the image was using. This means that a moving image may continue moving once it has changed. To revert to the old behavior, set config.keep_running_transform to False.

The image argument to Character() has changed meaning. While the old meaning was unsupported in the screens-based environment, it can be restored for compatibility purposes by setting config.new_character_image_argument to False.

6.12.0 link

The definition of the items parameter of the Choice and nvl_choice screens has changed. The nvl_choice screen is deprecated in favor of the NVL screen.

Screens may be invoked at any time, in order to allow for image prediction, unless they have a predict property of False. When the predict property is not False, screens should not cause side effects to occur upon their initial display.

For performance reason, Ren'Py now ignores the position properties of ImageReferences. This means that the position properties of style.image_placement are now ignored. To revert to the old behavior, set config.imagereference_respects_position to True.

6.11.1 link

MoveTransition has been modified to respect the xoffset and yoffset parameters of the displayables it is moving. The factory functions that are used for movement now take xoffset and yoffset parameters. While the built-in movement factories take these parameters without problem, user-defined factories may need to be upgraded to use or ignore these additional parameters.

6.11.0 link

  • The transform specified by the config.default_transform variable is used to initialize the transform properties of images shown using the show and hide statements. The default value of this transform sets xpos and xanchor to 0.5, and ypos and yanchor to 1.0.

    This represents a change in the default value of these style properties, which were previously uninitialized and hence defaulted to 0.

    By including the reset transform in ATL transforms, these properties can be reset back to 0. Alternatively, one can stop using the default transform, and revert to the old behavior, using the code:

    init python:
        style.image_placement.xpos = 0.5
        style.image_placement.ypos = 1.0
        style.image_placement.xanchor = 0.5
        style.image_placement.yanchor = 1.0
        config.default_transform = None
  • If a transform does not define one of the position properties xpos, ypos, xanchor, or yanchor, that property will be taken from the transform's child, if the defines that property.

    This makes it possible to have one transform control a displayable's vertical motion, and the other control the horizontal. But this is incompatible with previous behavior, and so can be disabled with the config.transform_uses_child_position variable.

    init python:
        config.transform_uses_child_position = False

6.10.0 link

  • The default positions (left, right, center, truecenter, offscreenleft, and offscreenright) are now defined as ATL transforms. This means that showing an image at such a position will cause the position to be remembered. If you do not want this behavior, you need to redefine these positions, by adding the code:

    define left = Position(xalign=0.0)
    define center = Position(xalign=0.5)
    define truecenter = Position(xalign=0.5, yalign=0.5)
    define right = Position(xalign=1.0)
    define offscreenleft = Position(xpos=0.0, xanchor=1.0)
    define offscreenright = Position(xpos=1.0, xanchor=0.0)

6.9.2 link

  • To migrate your game from Ren'Py 6.9.2 or later, copy the directory containing your game into your projects directory. You can choose a projects directory by clicking "Options", "Projects Directory" in the Launcher. Please see the Ren'Py 6.9.2 release notes for information about migrating from older releases.