Template Projects link

It's possible to to create a template project that can be used to create new projects. This can be used to make it easy for creators to begin making a game with, for example, a gui you develop, rather than the default gui that comes with Ren'Py.

If at least one template project is present on a creator's computer, when creating a new game they will be given the option to select a template project. If they do, the template project will be copied into the new project, and the following changes will be made:

  • The config.name, config.save_directory, and config.build_name variables will be set to the name of the new project.

  • The tl directory will be removed, and replaced with default translations taken from the launcher.

  • If translatable strings or comments are found matching those in the launcher, the translations will be copied into the new project.

This usually makes an acceptable starting point for new projects.

Creating a Template Project link

To create a template project, you need to create a Ren'Py project, then add a project.json file to it. This file should contain the following text:

{ "type" : "template" }

Save it, then refresh the launcher, and you should be able to use your template.

Distributing a Template Project link

You can distribut a template project by zipping it up manually. (You should not use the Distribute command.) It might make sense to delete the game/saves and game/cache directories before zipping it up, though this is not required.

The end user can unzip the template project into their projects directory, then refresh the launcher to make it available.