Ren'Py 8.1.2 "Where No One Has Gone Before"

was released on September 5, 2023. The main downloads of Ren'Py 8.1.2 are:

You only need to download one of these files. Each contains the full Ren'Py software development kit, with everything needed to develop Ren'Py games for the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms; the Ren'Py tutorial; and "The Question", an example game.

Ren'Py is free to download and use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. It may be modified and distributed under the terms of its license.

Additional Downloads. When necessary, the Ren'Py SDK will automatically download additional packages, such as text editors and Android/iOS support. These packages are available for direct download at the bottom of this page.


I'm happy to announce Ren'Py 8.1.2, the second fix release for Ren'Py 8.1. This release fixes issues reported in Ren'Py 8.1.

Ren'Py 8.1 is the second feature release of Ren'Py to support Python 3. It is is the first version of Ren'Py 8 to run on the web platform, and is recommended for all new games and games that plan to release after May 2024.

Ren'Py 8.1 and Ren'Py 7.6 are a joint release that add improved documentation, fixes, and many new features to Ren'Py. Some of the new features are:

  • Ren'Py Sync, an easy way to synchronize save games between computers, phones, and the web.
  • A built-in way for displaying character dialogue in speech bubbles, including an interactive editor for positioning the bubbles.
  • Ren'Py 8-only support for progressive web apps, including features like installing on a device and caching data locally.
  • Apple Silicon support.
  • Sticky layers, such that an image tag remains associated with a layer until it's hidden.
  • Detached layers, that are displayables themselves.
  • Support for displaying AVIF images.
  • Support for displaying SVG images.
  • Support for oversampled images, which can be used to upgrade a game to a higher resolution.
  • Support for AV1 video on PC and Mobile platforms, with web support depending on browser support.
  • A rewritten audio mixing system that works on a per-sample basis, allowing for smoother fadeouts and removing clicks.
  • Volume sliders that work in decibels, and hence are more responsive.
  • Viewports that can be dragged on touch screen devices, even if the player is touching a button or bar.
  • Support for files, that allow Ren'Py script to be edited using Python text editors (allowing for better completion of Python-heavy files).
  • The use of lenticular brackets as a simpler syntax for ruby text (furigana).
  • The ability to substitute text before self-voicing is performed, allowing pronunciation to be changed.
  • A new warning that reminds people that it's insecure to load saves from people you do not fully trust.
  • New transform properties that control rotation on the 3D Stage.

As well as many more new features, improvements, fixes, and a dark theme for the documentation.

Note: This release moves the android keys to a per-project location. While Ren'Py will automatically move the keys, you should make a backup of rapt/android.keystore and rapt/bundle.keystore before upgrading.

Downloads of Ren'Py 8.1.2 can be found at:

A full list of changes to Ren'Py can be found at:

A list of changes that may require you to update your game can be found at:

Please also check out the credits and list of sponsors.

Pending Deprecations

The original OpenGL renderer will be removed 1 year after Ren'Py 8.1 is released, in May 2024. If your game sets config.gl2 to False, you should set it to True, and make sure your game runs well. If it doesn't, please report any issues. When reporting issues, please determine the hardware (device and GPU), os and driver versions, and year of manufacture.


Ren'Py 8.1.2 is brought to you by:

  • Abdul
  • Adam Trzypolski
  • Altskop
  • Andy_kl
  • Awakening
  • Ayowel
  • Brainos
  • Chrisclone
  • Clinton Nguyen
  • Daniel Brookman
  • DinakiS
  • Elckarow
  • Erufailon4
  • Galo223344
  • Gio
  • Gouvernathor
  • Haelwenn (lanodan) Monnier
  • Jeremy Rand
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  • Joseph Boyd
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  • Kassy
  • Kyouryuukunn
  • LaUwUrence
  • Llyama
  • Mal Graty
  • Michael
  • Midgethetree
  • Morgan Willcock
  • Moshibit
  • NattyanTV
  • Noriverwater
  • Oscar Six
  • Sandra "Maxi" Molina
  • Shawna-p
  • Tey
  • Teyut
  • The66F95
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  • Totally a booplicate
  • Vadim Karpenko
  • Valery Iwanofu
  • Xareyli
  • zedraxlo
  • ねゆんせ
  • 琴梨梨

everyone who's tested this release, and myself, Tom "PyTom" Rothamel.

Editor Downloads

When first asked to edit a file, the Ren'Py launcher will prompt you to download and install an editor. As this may fail if your Internet connection is unreliable, the editors can be downloaded separately. To install, extract the contents of the editor archive to the Ren'Py directory.

VS Code: Editor, Ren'Py Language extension.
To use a VS Code installed outside Ren'Py, select the "Visual Studio Code (System)" editor.

Android and iOS Support

When building Android packages, iOS packages, or web distributions, Ren'Py will prompt you to download RAPT (Ren'Py Android Packaging Tool), Renios (Ren'Py iOS Support), or Renpyweb (Web Platform Support). As these downloads may fail if your Internet connection is unreliable, these packages can be downloaded separately. To install, extract the contents of the archive to the Ren'Py directory. (Place the "rapt", "renios", or "web" directory into the "renpy-8.1.2" directory.)

Android Support (RAPT):
iOS Support (Renios):
Web Platform Support (Renpyweb):

Additional Downloads

Ren'Py Source Code: renpy-8.1.2-source.tar.bz2
Contains the source code of the Ren'Py distribution without any binary components.
Pygame_SDL2 Source Code: pygame_sdl2-2.1.0+renpy8.1.2.tar.gz
Contains the source code for the version of pygame_sdl2 required to run this version of Ren'Py. This may be newer than any released version of pygame_sdl2.
Other Dependencies:
Ren'Py contains free software licensed under a number of licenses, including the GNU Lesser General Public License. A full list of software and links to git repositories from which the software can be downloaded is linked above.
Checksums: checksums.txt
Checksums for the various files making up the Ren'Py distribution.

We also maintain a complete list of releases.