This page is out of date

You've reached a page on the Ren'Py wiki. Due to massive spam, the wiki hasn't been updated in over 5 years, and much of the information here is very out of date. We've kept it because some of it is of historic interest, but all the information relevant to modern versions of Ren'Py has been moved elsewhere.

Some places to look are:

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The first tutorial you should read is the Quickstart manual, which teaches you how to make your first Ren'Py game.

The NVL-mode tutorial teaches you how to create games where pages of text fill the screen.

The web tutorial covers Ren'Py in greater detail.


You may like to view the simple introduction to the Ren'Py language:

The style customization tutorial focuses in on how one can use the style system and style inspector to change the look of the various styles in the game.