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Ren'Py Web Tutorial

This tutorial is aimed at taking you from knowing nothing about Ren'Py to releasing a complete visual novel. A visual novel lacking frills and fancy visual effects, certainly, but a complete visual novel. And if you really want the frills, you can always supplement this tutorial with the Cookbook, the Reference Manual, and asking on the Ren'Py Forum for your first game.

  1. Before You Begin
  2. Getting Started
  3. Thinking in Ren'Py
  4. Ren'Py Script Structure
  5. Defining Characters
  6. Your First Dialogue
  7. Adding Graphics to Your Story
  8. Giving the User a Choice With Menus
  9. Remembering User Choices
  10. Branching & Recombining the Story
  11. Chapters
  12. Adding Music & Sound Effects
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