This page is out of date

You've reached a page on the Ren'Py wiki. Due to massive spam, the wiki hasn't been updated in over 5 years, and much of the information here is very out of date. We've kept it because some of it is of historic interest, but all the information relevant to modern versions of Ren'Py has been moved elsewhere.

Some places to look are:

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För att använda översättningen, kopiera texten nedan och spara den som "translations.rpy" i projektmappen.

init python:

    # Translatable strings found in common/00developer.rpy

    config.translations[u'Developer Menu'] = u'Utvecklarmeny'
    config.translations[u'Return to the developer menu'] = u'Återgå till Utvecklarmenyn'

    # Translatable strings found in common/00library.rpy

    config.translations[u'Skip Mode'] = u'Framspolningsläge'
    config.translations[u'Fast Skip Mode'] = u'Snabbspolningsläge'
    config.translations[u"While Ren'Py games may be playable without the renpy module, some features may be disabled. For more information, read the module/README.txt file or go to"] = u"Visserligen kan Ren'Py-spel vara spelbara utan renpy-modulen, men vissa funktioner kan saknas. För mer information, läs filen module/README.txt eller gå till"
    config.translations[u'renpy module not found.'] = u'renpy-modulen hittades inte.'
    config.translations[u'The renpy module could not be loaded on your system.'] = u'Kunde inte ladda renpy-modulen på ditt system.'
    config.translations[u'Old renpy module found.'] = u'Hittade en gammal renpy-modul.'
    config.translations[u"An old version (%d) of the Ren'Py module was found on your system, while this game requires version %d."] = u"En gammal version (%d) av Ren'Py-modulen hittades på ditt system, men spelet kräver version %d."
    config.translations[u'Please click to continue.'] = u'Klicka för att fortsätta.'

    # Translatable strings found in common/00menus.rpy

    config.translations[u'Start Game'] = u'Nytt Spel'
    config.translations[u'Load Game'] = u'Ladda'
    config.translations[u'Preferences'] = u'Inställningar'
    config.translations[u'Help'] = u'Hjälp'
    config.translations[u'Quit'] = u'Avsluta'
    config.translations[u'Return'] = u'Tillbaka'
    config.translations[u'Save Game'] = u'Spara'
    config.translations[u'Main Menu'] = u'Huvudmeny'
    config.translations[u'Are you sure you want to quit?'] = u'Är du säker på att du vill avsluta?'
    config.translations[u'Are you sure you want to return to the main menu?\nThis will lose unsaved progress.'] = u'Är du säker på att du vill återgå till huvudmenyn?\nOsparade framsteg kommer att förloras.'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/one_column_preferences.rpym

    config.translations[u'Display'] = u'Skärm'
    config.translations[u'Transitions'] = u'Övergångar'
    config.translations[u'Skip'] = u'Framspolning'
    config.translations[u'Begin Skipping'] = u'Börja Spola'
    config.translations[u'After Choices'] = u'Efter Val'
    config.translations[u'Text Speed'] = u'Texthastighet'
    config.translations[u'Auto-Forward Time'] = u'Auto-Forward Tid'
    config.translations[u'Music Volume'] = u'Musikvolym'
    config.translations[u'Sound Volume'] = u'Ljudvolym'
    config.translations[u'Voice Volume'] = u'Röstvolym'
    config.translations[u'Joystick...'] = u'Styrspak...'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/classic_yesno_prompt.rpym

    config.translations[u'Yes'] = u'Ja'
    config.translations[u'No'] = u'Nej'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/scrolling_load_save.rpym

    config.translations[u'Empty Slot.'] = u'Tomt.'
    config.translations[u'Are you sure you want to overwrite your save?'] = u'Är du säker på att di vill skriva över sparade data?'
    config.translations[u'Loading will lose unsaved progress.\nAre you sure you want to do this?'] = u'Laddar du förkastas osparade framsteg.\nÄr du säker på att du vill göra detta?'
    config.translations[u'Are you sure you want to delete this save?'] = u'Är du säker på att du vill radera detta sparade spel?'
    config.translations[u'q'] = u'q'
    config.translations[u'a'] = u'a'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/classic_joystick_preferences.rpym

    config.translations[u'Not Assigned'] = u'Inte Kopplad'
    config.translations[u'Joystick Mapping'] = u'Joystick Mapping'
    config.translations[u'Left'] = u'Vänster'
    config.translations[u'Right'] = u'Höger'
    config.translations[u'Up'] = u'Upp'
    config.translations[u'Down'] = u'Ned'
    config.translations[u'Select/Dismiss'] = u'Välj/Stäng'
    config.translations[u'Rollback'] = u'Gå bakåt'
    config.translations[u'Hold to Skip'] = u'Håll inne för att spola'
    config.translations[u'Toggle Skip'] = u'Spolning av/på'
    config.translations[u'Hide Text'] = u'Göm Text'
    config.translations[u'Menu'] = u'Meny'
    config.translations[u'Move the joystick or press a joystick button to create the mapping. Click the mouse to remove the mapping.'] = u'Rör på styrspaken för att skapa en koppling. Klicka med musen för att ta bort kopplingen.'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/classic_preferences_common.rpym

    config.translations[u'Test'] = u'Test'
    config.translations[u'Window'] = u'Fönster'
    config.translations[u'Fullscreen'] = u'Fullskärm'
    config.translations[u'All'] = u'Alla'
    config.translations[u'Some'] = u'Några'
    config.translations[u'None'] = u'Inga'
    config.translations[u'Seen Messages'] = u'Sedda Meddelanden'
    config.translations[u'All Messages'] = u'Alla Meddelanden'
    config.translations[u'Stop Skipping'] = u'Sluta Spola'
    config.translations[u'Keep Skipping'] = u'Fortsätt Spola'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/classic_load_save.rpym

    config.translations[u'Auto'] = u'Auto'
    config.translations[u'Quick'] = u'Snabb'
    config.translations[u'Previous'] = u'Föregående'
    config.translations[u'Next'] = u'Nästa'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_compat/gamemenu.rpym

    config.translations[u'The error message was:'] = u'Felmeddelandet var:'
    config.translations[u'You may want to try saving in a different slot, or playing for a while and trying again later.'] = u'Du kan försöka spara till en annan sparfil, eller spela en stund och sedan försöka igen.'
    config.translations[u'Save Failed.'] = u'Sparning misslyckades.'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_compat/preferences.rpym

    config.translations[u'Joystick Configuration'] = u'Styrspakskonfiguration'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_compat/mainmenu.rpym

    config.translations[u'Continue Game'] = u'Fortsätt Spela'