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You've reached a page on the Ren'Py wiki. Due to massive spam, the wiki hasn't been updated in over 5 years, and much of the information here is very out of date. We've kept it because some of it is of historic interest, but all the information relevant to modern versions of Ren'Py has been moved elsewhere.

Some places to look are:

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要使用这个翻译,将以下内容复制到game目录下名为translations.rpy 的文件中去。

# game/translations.rpy
# Simplifield Chinese translated by Magicnight (, lxhbs (
# for Ren'py 6.12.0

init python:

    # Translatable strings found in common/00developer.rpy

    config.translations[u'Developer Menu'] = u'开发者菜单'
    config.translations[u'Return to the developer menu'] = u'返回开发者菜单'

    # Translatable strings found in common/00library.rpy

    config.translations[u'Skip Mode'] = u'跳过对话模式'
    config.translations[u'Fast Skip Mode'] = u'快速跳过对话模式'
    config.translations[u"While Ren'Py games may be playable without the renpy module, some features may be disabled. For more information, read the module/README.txt file or go to"] = u"尽管没有renpy组件,Ren'py游戏也能运行,但一些游戏特性可能被禁用。需要更多信息请阅读module/README.txt文件或访问。"
    config.translations[u'renpy module not found.'] = u'未找到renpy组件'
    config.translations[u'The renpy module could not be loaded on your system.'] = u'renpy组件无法在您的系统上载入'
    config.translations[u'Old renpy module found.'] = u'找到renpy组件的旧版本'
    config.translations[u"An old version (%d) of the Ren'Py module was found on your system, while this game requires version %d."] = u"在您系统中发现一个旧版(%d)的Ren'py组件,但游戏需要的版本为%d。"
    config.translations[u'Please click to continue.'] = u'点击鼠标继续'

    # Translatable strings found in common/00menus.rpy

    config.translations[u'Start Game'] = u'开始游戏'
    config.translations[u'Load Game'] = u'读取进度'
    config.translations[u'Preferences'] = u'游戏选项'
    config.translations[u'Help'] = u'帮助'
    config.translations[u'Quit'] = u'退出'
    config.translations[u'Return'] = u'返回'
    config.translations[u'Save Game'] = u'保存游戏'
    config.translations[u'Main Menu'] = u'主菜单'
    config.translations[u'Are you sure you want to quit?'] = u'您确定要退出吗?'
    config.translations[u'Are you sure you want to return to the main menu?\nThis will lose unsaved progress.'] = u'您确定要退出吗?\n未保存的游戏进程将丢失。'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/one_column_preferences.rpym

    config.translations[u'Display'] = u'显示'
    config.translations[u'Transitions'] = u'过渡效果'
    config.translations[u'Skip'] = u'跳过'
    config.translations[u'Begin Skipping'] = u'开始跳过'
    config.translations[u'After Choices'] = u'选择支之后'
    config.translations[u'Text Speed'] = u'文字速度'
    config.translations[u'Auto-Forward Time'] = u'自动前进时间'
    config.translations[u'Music Volume'] = u'音乐音量'
    config.translations[u'Sound Volume'] = u'音效音量'
    config.translations[u'Voice Volume'] = u'语音音量'
    config.translations[u'Joystick...'] = u'游戏杆...'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/classic_yesno_prompt.rpym

    config.translations[u'Yes'] = u'是'
    config.translations[u'No'] = u'否'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/scrolling_load_save.rpym

    config.translations[u'Empty Slot.'] = u'空栏位'
    config.translations[u'Are you sure you want to overwrite your save?'] = u'您确定要覆盖存档吗?'
    config.translations[u'Loading will lose unsaved progress.\nAre you sure you want to do this?'] = u'读取进度将丢失当前的游戏进程。\n您确定要这么做吗?'
    config.translations[u'q'] = u'q'
    config.translations[u'a'] = u'a'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/classic_joystick_preferences.rpym

    config.translations[u'Not Assigned'] = u'未分配'
    config.translations[u'Joystick Mapping'] = u'游戏杆映射'
    config.translations[u'Left'] = u'左'
    config.translations[u'Right'] = u'右'
    config.translations[u'Up'] = u'上'
    config.translations[u'Down'] = u'下'
    config.translations[u'Select/Dismiss'] = u'选择/解除'
    config.translations[u'Rollback'] = u'回滚'
    config.translations[u'Hold to Skip'] = u'按键跳过'
    config.translations[u'Toggle Skip'] = u'按下保持跳过'
    config.translations[u'Hide Text'] = u'隐藏文字'
    config.translations[u'Menu'] = u'菜单'
    config.translations[u'Move the joystick or press a joystick button to create the mapping. Click the mouse to remove the mapping.'] = u'移动游戏杆或按游戏杆按键建立映射。单击鼠标移除映射。'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/classic_preferences_common.rpym

    config.translations[u'Test'] = u'测试'
    config.translations[u'Window'] = u'窗口'
    config.translations[u'Fullscreen'] = u'全屏'
    config.translations[u'All'] = u'全部'
    config.translations[u'Some'] = u'部分'
    config.translations[u'None'] = u'无'
    config.translations[u'Seen Messages'] = u'看过的信息'
    config.translations[u'All Messages'] = u'全部信息'
    config.translations[u'Stop Skipping'] = u'停止跳过'
    config.translations[u'Keep Skipping'] = u'继续跳过'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_layout/classic_load_save.rpym

    config.translations[u'Auto'] = u'自动'
    config.translations[u'Quick'] = u'快速'
    config.translations[u'Previous'] = u'上一页'
    config.translations[u'Next'] = u'下一页'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_compat/gamemenu.rpym

    config.translations[u'The error message was:'] = u'出错信息为:'
    config.translations[u'You may want to try saving in a different slot, or playing for a while and trying again later.'] = u'您可尝试保存到其他栏位,或者继续进行游戏稍后再尝试保存。'
    config.translations[u'Save Failed.'] = u'保存失败。'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_compat/preferences.rpym

    config.translations[u'Joystick Configuration'] = u'游戏杆设置'

    # Translatable strings found in common/_compat/mainmenu.rpym

    config.translations[u'Continue Game'] = u'继续游戏'


由于中文的情况比较特殊,要在Ren'Py Launcher中正确显示中文,还必须编辑renpy/launcher/launcher.rpy文件,在文件开头的

python early:
    config.save_directory = "launcher-1"




style.default.font = "中文字体.ttf" #(该中文字体应放入/renpy/common目录下)
style.default.language = "eastasian"


# renpy-6.12.0/launcher/translations.rpy
# Simplifield Chinese translated by Magicnight (, by lxhbs (
# for Ren'py 6.12.0

init python:

    # Translatable strings found in launcher/new.rpy

    config.translations[u'Select a Template'] = u'选择一个模板'
    config.translations[u'Please select a project to use as a template for your project.'] = u'请选择一个工程用作工程的模板'
    config.translations[u'Project Name'] = u'工程名称'
    config.translations[u'Type the name of your new project, and press enter.\n'] = u'键入新工程的名称,并按回车键。\n'
    config.translations[u'Please enter a non-empty project name.'] = u'工程名称不能为空。'
    config.translations[u"A file or directory named '%s' already exists."] = u"文件或目录 '%s' 已存在。"
    config.translations[u'Project names must be ASCII. This is because the ZIP file format does not support non-ASCII characters in a uniform way.'] = u'工程名称必须为ASCII码。因为ZIP文件格式在统一的途径下不支持非ASCII字符。'
    config.translations[u'Error'] = u'错误'
    config.translations[u'Creating Project'] = u'工程创建中'
    config.translations[u'Please wait while we create the project.'] = u'工程创建过程中,请等待。'
    config.translations[u'Select a Theme'] = u'选择一个主题'
    config.translations[u'Please select a color theme for your project. You can always change the colors later.'] = u'请为工程选择一个色彩主题。也可以稍后进行更改。'
    config.translations[u'Changing Theme'] = u'更换主题中'
    config.translations[u'The options file does not seem to exist.'] = u'T选项文件不存在。'
    config.translations[u'Could not modify options.rpy, perhaps it was edited too much.'] = u'无法更改options.rpy,文件可能已被过度编辑。'

    # Translatable strings found in launcher/distribute.rpy

    config.translations[u"Can't Distribute"] = u"无法发布"
    config.translations[u"Ren'Py is missing files required for distribution. Please download the full package from {a=}{/a}."] = u"Ren'Py 未找到发布所需文件。请从 {a=}{/a}下载完整软件包。"
    config.translations[u'Building Distributions'] = u'建立发布中'
    config.translations[u"I've just performed a lint on your project. If it contains errors, you should say no and fix them.\nCheck {a='Py}{/a} to see if updates or fixes are available.\n\nDo you want to continue?"] = u"我已经对工程做了检查。假如有包含错误,请选择“否”并修正这些错误。\n访问 {a='Py}{/a} 检查是否有更新或修正。\n\n要继续吗?"
    config.translations[u'Yes'] = u'是'
    config.translations[u'No'] = u'否'
    config.translations[u'Distributions will be built for the following platforms:'] = u'将向以下平台发布:'
    config.translations[u'Windows 2000+'] = u'Windows 2000+'
    config.translations[u'Linux x86'] = u'Linux x86'
    config.translations[u'Mac OS X 10.4+'] = u'Mac OS X 10.4+'
    config.translations[u'Is this okay?'] = u'这样可以吗?'
    config.translations[u'Please enter a base name for the directories making up this distribution.'] = u'请输入构成此次发布的基本文件名。'
    config.translations[u"This usually should include a name and version number, like 'moonlight_walks-1.0'."] = u"一般还需包括一个名称和版本号,例如 'moonlight_walks-1.0'。"
    config.translations[u'The distribution name should not be empty.'] = u'发布文件名不能为空。'
    config.translations[u'Distribution names must be ASCII. This is because archive file formats do not support non-ASCII characters in a uniform way.'] = u'发布名称必须为ASCII码。因为归档文件格式在统一的途径下不支持非ASCII字符。'
    config.translations[u'Please enter a space separated list of the file extensions you do not want included in the distribution.'] = u'请输入一个不想包括在此次发布中的文件扩展名列表,以空格分隔。'
    config.translations[u'Be sure to announce your project at the Lemma Soft Forums.'] = u'确认在Lemma Soft Forums论坛发布此工程。'
    config.translations[u'Building Windows'] = u'建立Windows系统发布包'
    config.translations[u'If appropriate, please submit your game to'] = u'如果可能请将游戏提交到。'
    config.translations[u'Building Linux'] = u'建立Linux系统发布包'
    config.translations[u"Thank you for choosing Ren'Py."] = u"感谢选择Ren'Py."
    config.translations[u'Building Mac OS X'] = u'建立Mac OS X系统发布包'
    config.translations[u'Success'] = u'成功'
    config.translations[u'The distribution(s) have been built. Be sure to test them before release.'] = u'发布包已建立。在发行前请测试。'
    config.translations[u"Note that unpacking and repacking Mac zips and Linux tarballs on Windows isn't supported."] = u"注意不要在Windows系统下解包/重新打包Mac系统的 zip文件和Linux系统的tarball文件。"
    config.translations[u'Return'] = u'返回'

    # Translatable strings found in launcher/launcher.rpy

    config.translations[u'Next Page'] = u'下一页'
    config.translations[u'Go to the next page of projects.'] = u'查看下一页的工程。'
    config.translations[u'Previous Page'] = u'上一页'
    config.translations[u'Go to the previous page of projects.'] = u'查看上一页的工程。'
    config.translations[u'Cancel'] = u'取消'
    config.translations[u'Return to the top menu.'] = u'返回上级菜单。'
    config.translations[u'Lint in progress.'] = u'Lint 测试进行中'
    config.translations[u'Lint'] = u'Lint测试'
    config.translations[u'Deleting persistent data.'] = u'正在删除持久性数据。'
    config.translations[u'Delete Persistent'] = u'删除持久性'
    config.translations[u'What do you want to do?'] = u'想做点什么?'
    config.translations[u'This Project'] = u'本工程'
    config.translations[u'Launch'] = u'运行'
    config.translations[u'Starts the project running.'] = u'开始运行工程。'
    config.translations[u'Edit Script'] = u'编辑脚本'
    config.translations[u'Edits the script files.'] = u'编辑脚本文件。'
    config.translations[u'Choose Theme'] = u'选择主题'
    config.translations[u'Changes the color theme of the project.'] = u'改变此工程的色彩主题。'
    config.translations[u'Game Directory'] = u'游戏目录'
    config.translations[u'Opens the game directory.'] = u'打开游戏目录'
    config.translations[u'Tools'] = u'工具'
    config.translations[u'Tools: %s'] = u'工具: %s'
    config.translations[u'Shows the tools menu.'] = u'显示工具菜单。'
    config.translations[u'Change Project'] = u'改变工程'
    config.translations[u'Select Project'] = u'选择工程'
    config.translations[u'Select a project to work with.'] = u'改变当前打开的工程。'
    config.translations[u'New Project'] = u'新工程'
    config.translations[u'Create a new project from a template.'] = u'用模板新建工程。'
    config.translations[u'Documentation'] = u'文档'
    config.translations[u"Read Ren'Py tutorials and manuals."] = u"阅读Ren'py的教程和文档。"
    config.translations[u'Quit'] = u'退出'
    config.translations[u'Options'] = u'选项'
    config.translations[u'Ren'py Help'] = u'Ren'py 帮助文档'
    config.translations[u'Tutorial Game'] = u'教学游戏'
    config.translations[u"Quit the Ren'Py Launcher."] = u"退出 Ren'Py 运行器。"
    config.translations[u'Select a Project'] = u'选择一个工程'
    config.translations[u'Please select a project.'] = u'请选择一个工程'
    config.translations[u'%s has been launched.'] = u'%s 已被运行'
    config.translations[u'Launching the editor failed. You may need Java, which can be downloaded for free from {a=}{/a}.'] = u'编辑器运行失败。需要一个JAVA运行环境。可以在 {a=}{/a}免费下载。'
    config.translations[u'Launched editor with %d script files.'] = u'运行编辑器打开 %d 脚本文件。'
    config.translations[u'Opening the game directory is not supported on this platform.\n%s'] = u'在%s下\n不支持打开游戏目录。'
    config.translations[u'Opening game directory:\n%s'] = u'打开游戏目录:\n%s'
    config.translations[u'Please choose a tool you want to use with this project.'] = u'请选择要使用的工具。'
    config.translations[u'Anytime'] = u'任何时候'
    config.translations[u'Check Script (Lint)'] = u'检查脚本 (Lint)'
    config.translations[u"Checks the game's script for likely errors. This should be run before releasing."] = u"检查游戏脚本中可能存在的错误。在发行游戏前应运行。"
    config.translations[u"Deletes the game's persistent data."] = u"删除游戏的持久性数据。"
    config.translations[u'Release Day'] = u'发行日'
    config.translations[u'Add From to Calls'] = u'将From添加到Calls'
    config.translations[u'Adds a from clause to each of the call statements in your script.'] = u'为脚本中的每一个call指令添加一个from子句。'
    config.translations[u'Archive Files'] = u'归档文件'
    config.translations[u'Archive files found under the game and archived directories.'] = u'在game和archived目录中找到归档文件。'
    config.translations[u'Build Distributions'] = u'建立发布'
    config.translations[u"Build distributions for the platforms supported by Ren'Py."] = u"为 Ren'Py支持的平台建立发布。"
    config.translations[u'Back'] = u'返回'
    config.translations[u'Goes back to the top menu.'] = u'返回上级菜单。'
    config.translations[u'A lint report should appear shortly.'] = u'lint 测试报告稍后会打开。'
    config.translations[u'Archiving Files'] = u'文件归档中'
    config.translations[u'Please enter a space separated list of the file patterns you want archived.'] = u'请输入要建立归档的文件模式列表,用空格分隔。'
    config.translations[u'Please enter the name of the archive file, without the .rpa extension.'] = u'请输入归档文件名,不包括.rpa扩展名。'
    config.translations[u'Please wait while we archive files.'] = u'文件归档中请稍等。'
    config.translations[u'The files have been added to the archive, and moved into the archived directory.'] = u'原文件已加入归档中,并被移动到archived目录。'
    config.translations[u'Making Backup'] = u'建立备份中'
    config.translations[u'Please wait while we make a backup.'] = u'文件备份中请稍等。'
    config.translations[u'The backup was placed into %s.'] = u'备份文件位于 %s.'
    config.translations[u'Please wait while we add from clauses to call statements.'] = u'将from子句添加到脚本中的call指令,请稍等。'
    config.translations[u'Done adding from clauses to call statements. You may want to remove the .bak files created.'] = u'from子句添加完成,可以删除备份的.bak文件。'
    config.translations[u'Done deleting persistent data.'] = u'持久性数据删除完毕。'
    config.translations[u"Now showing the Ren'Py documentation in your web browser."] = u"在web浏览器中显示 Ren'Py 文档。"