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Text History with Voice Replaying

This is script adds Text History screen to the Ren'Py game. If voice files are used in the game, you can play them in the screen by clicking old dialogues. If there's no voice, the screen logs dialogues line by line and shows them as text.

How to use

Basically, the screen is shown when the mouse wheel was turned to the top. If you want to enter the screen using a button, write the script like this in a screen block.

textbutton 'Text History' action [SetVariable("yvalue", 1.0), ShowMenu('text_history')]

For example, when you add the button to the navigation, screen navigation script should be edited like:

screen navigation:
    # The background of the game menu.
        style "gm_root"
    # The various buttons.
        style_group "gm_nav"
        xalign .98
        yalign .98
        has vbox
        textbutton _("Return") action Return()

        ## adds Text History button 
        textbutton _("Text History") action [SetVariable("yvalue", 1.0), ShowMenu("text_history")]


You may copy and paste the script and save it as a .rpy file.

# readback.rpy
# drop in readback module for Ren'Py by delta
# this file is licensed under the terms of the WTFPL
# see for details

# voice_replay function added by backansi from Lemma soft forum.
# required renpy 6.12 or higher.

init -3 python:
    # config.game_menu.insert(1,( "text_history", u"Text History", ui.jumps("text_history_screen"), 'not main_menu'))

    # styles
    style.readback_window.xmaximum = 760
    style.readback_window.ymaximum = 500
    style.readback_window.align = (.5, .5)

    style.readback_frame.background = None
    style.readback_frame.xpadding = 10
    style.readback_frame.xmargin = 5
    style.readback_frame.ymargin = 5
    style.readback_text.color = "#fff"

    style.create("readback_button", "readback_text")
    style.readback_button.background = None
    style.create("readback_button_text", "readback_text")
    style.readback_button_text.selected_color = "#f12"
    style.readback_button_text.hover_color = "#f12"
    style.readback_label_text.bold = True
    # starts adding new config variables
    config.locked = False 
    # Configuration Variable for Text History 
    config.readback_buffer_length = 100 # number of lines stored
    config.readback_full = True # True = completely replaces rollback, False = readback accessible from game menu only (dev mode)
    config.readback_disallowed_tags = ["size"] # a list of tags that will be removed in the text history
    config.readback_choice_prefix = ">> "   # this is prefixed to the choices the user makes in readback
    # ends adding new config variables
    config.locked = True
init -2 python:

    # Two custom characters that store what they said
    class ReadbackADVCharacter(ADVCharacter):
        def do_done(self, who, what):
            store_say(who, what)
            store.current_voice = ''

    class ReadbackNVLCharacter(NVLCharacter):
        def do_done(self, who, what):
            store_say(who, what)
            store.current_voice = ''
    # this enables us to show the current line in readback without having to bother the buffer with raw shows
    def say_wrapper(who, what, **kwargs):
        store_current_line(who, what)
        return renpy.show_display_say(who, what, **kwargs)
    config.nvl_show_display_say = say_wrapper
    adv = ReadbackADVCharacter(show_function=say_wrapper)
    nvl = ReadbackNVLCharacter()
    NVLCharacter = ReadbackNVLCharacter
    # rewriting voice function to replay voice files when you clicked dialogues in text history screen
    def voice(file, **kwargs):
        if not config.has_voice:
        = file
        store.current_voice = file

    # overwriting standard menu handler
    # Overwriting menu functions makes Text History log choice which users choose.
    def menu(items, **add_input): 
        newitems = []
        for label, val in items:
            if val == None:
                narrator(label, interact=False)
                newitems.append((label, val))
        rv = renpy.display_menu(newitems, **add_input)
        # logging menu choice label.
        for label, val in items:
            if rv == val:
                store.current_voice = ''
                store_say(None, config.readback_choice_prefix + label)
        return rv
    def nvl_screen_dialogue(): 
         Returns widget_properties and dialogue for the current NVL
         mode screen.

        widget_properties = { }
        dialogue = [ ]
        for i, entry in enumerate(nvl_list):
            if not entry:

            who, what, kwargs = entry

            if i == len(nvl_list) - 1:
                who_id = "who"
                what_id = "what"
                window_id = "window"

                who_id = "who%d" % i
                what_id = "what%d" % i
                window_id = "window%d" % i
            widget_properties[who_id] = kwargs["who_args"]
            widget_properties[what_id] = kwargs["what_args"]
            widget_properties[window_id] = kwargs["window_args"]

            dialogue.append((who, what, who_id, what_id, window_id))
        return widget_properties, dialogue
    # Overwriting nvl menu function
    def nvl_menu(items):

        if nvl_list is None:
            store.nvl_list = [ ]

        screen = None
        if renpy.has_screen("nvl_choice"):
            screen = "nvl_choice"
        elif renpy.has_screen("nvl"):
            screen = "nvl"
        if screen is not None:

            widget_properties, dialogue = nvl_screen_dialogue()        

            rv = renpy.display_menu(
                scope={ "dialogue" : dialogue },
            for label, val in items:
                if rv == val:
                    store.current_voice = ''
                    store_say(None, config.readback_choice_prefix + label)
            return rv
        # Traditional version.


        for i in nvl_list:
            if not i:

            who, what, kw = i            
            rv = renpy.show_display_say(who, what, **kw)

        renpy.display_menu(items, interact=False,


        roll_forward = renpy.roll_forward_info()

        rv = ui.interact(roll_forward=roll_forward)

        for label, val in items:
            if rv == val:
                store.current_voice = ''
                store_say(None, config.readback_choice_prefix + label)
        return rv
    ## readback
    readback_buffer = []
    current_line = None
    current_voice = None
    def store_say(who, what):
        global readback_buffer, current_voice
        if preparse_say_for_store(what):
            new_line = (preparse_say_for_store(who), preparse_say_for_store(what), current_voice)
            readback_buffer = readback_buffer + [new_line]

    def store_current_line(who, what):
        global current_line, current_voice
        current_line = (preparse_say_for_store(who), preparse_say_for_store(what), current_voice)

    # remove text tags from dialogue lines 
    disallowed_tags_regexp = ""
    for tag in config.readback_disallowed_tags:
        if disallowed_tags_regexp != "":
            disallowed_tags_regexp += "|"
        disallowed_tags_regexp += "{"+tag+"=.*?}|{"+tag+"}|{/"+tag+"}"
    import re
    remove_tags_expr = re.compile(disallowed_tags_regexp) # remove tags undesirable in readback
    def preparse_say_for_store(input):
        global remove_tags_expr
        if input:
            return re.sub(remove_tags_expr, "", input)

    def readback_prune():
        global readback_buffer
        while len(readback_buffer) > config.readback_buffer_length:
            del readback_buffer[0]

    # keymap overriding to show text_history.
    def readback_catcher():
        ui.add(renpy.Keymap(rollback=(SetVariable("yvalue", 1.0), ShowMenu("text_history"))))

    if config.readback_full:
        config.rollback_enabled = False
init python:
    yvalue = 1.0
    class NewAdj(renpy.display.behavior.Adjustment):
        def change(self,value):

            if value > self._range and self._value == self._range:
                return Return()
                return renpy.display.behavior.Adjustment.change(self, value)
    def store_yvalue(y):
        global yvalue
        yvalue = int(y)

screen text_history:

    #use navigation
    tag menu 
    if not current_line and len(readback_buffer) == 0:
        $ lines_to_show = []
    elif current_line and len(readback_buffer) == 0:
        $ lines_to_show = [current_line]
    elif current_line and not ( ( len(readback_buffer) == 3 and current_line == readback_buffer[-2]) or current_line == readback_buffer[-1]):  
        $ lines_to_show = readback_buffer + [current_line]
        $ lines_to_show = readback_buffer
    $ adj = NewAdj(changed = store_yvalue, step = 300)
        style_group "readback"
        side "c r":
                has viewport:
                    mousewheel True
                    draggable True
                    yinitial yvalue
                    yadjustment adj

                    null height 10
                    for line in lines_to_show:
                        if line[0] and line[0] != " ":
                            label line[0] # name

                        # if there's no voice just log a dialogue
                        if not line[2]:
                            text line[1]
                        # else, dialogue will be saved as a button of which plays voice when clicked
                            textbutton line[1] action Play("voice", line[2] )
                        null height 10
            bar adjustment adj style 'vscrollbar'
        textbutton _("Return") action Return() align (.97, 1.0)