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Ren'Py Games 126-150

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150. Midnight Noize


This city I live in is colorful and dazzling. But it is also grey. So grey. ... Almost as grey as the people who live there. I do not wish to be one of them. Certainly not. And that's why I will leave this place.

149. Heartbeat


Made for Czech AnimeFest 2009, Heartbeat tells the story of Tomas, who attends an anime convention just before his graduation. The game is written in Ren’Py and PyGame; Graphics GUI is based on StepMania 4.0 with kind permission of its authors.

148. Enmaku


Originally planned as a graphical "text adventure", this Czech AnimeFest 2009 entry tells the tale of two ninjas-in-training from two feuding villages and what happens after they meet one day in the woods.

147. podzim ('autumn')


Meet our hero, Takkun. He's just moved into the middle of nowhere. It's early autumn, and he goes out on a friday. He has yet to know that this weekend might change his life forever. A Czech AnimeFest 2009 competition entry - Judge's 1st place, public's 2nd place.

146. Each Uisge


Noel Richards is a young executive with DAC, a construction and development conglomerate. He's also having an affair with his co-worker Susan, who accompanies him to a remote island where DAC is building a holiday resort. However, the locals have a bizarre legend, and a poor opinion of the resort development, and sinister things are afoot...

Each Uisge: A mystery story, with naked people.

145. Sketchbook: Schoolgirls in Love and Other Assorted Heartbreak


A slice-of-life melodrama that's all about the important parts of growing up: falling in love with another girl, impeaching a corrupt student council president, sex, and not colouring within the lines.

144. College Romance - Rise of the Little Brother


You are just starting your first year at the university where your brother recently graduated. It's your first exposure to college life, your first time living on your own, and possibly your first true romance.

143. Shadows in Noise


For fans of Twilight Princess who always thought there was quite a bit of erotic tension between Link and Midna, in this doujin (fan) game you play the role of Link as he brushes up on the art of seduction.

142. Heiress II


Finding himself at a gala charity evening on a luxury airship, Mikhail is part of a "date auction". Surprisingly, the highest bidder for him is the richest woman on board, Cen Isyanina.

141. Truce for a Moment


Truce for a Moment is a short dark post-apocalyptic underwater war "huis-clos" with a twist... or maybe two! It features mini-mini-games using numbers, letters and... a French voice!

140. Daemonophilia


Even though he's in his mid-twenties, Franklin has never had a real girlfriend, and with a lousy job in a second-hand bookstore, he doesn't have many chances of finding one. However, some books hold secrets Franklin never thought of, and all of the sudden, his sex life becomes much more interesting - and much more dangerous: What if losing your virginity also meant losing your soul?

139. The Scaglietti


The insurance company sends you to oversee the restoration of paintings supervised by professor Claudia Ascari. However, soon there appears to be evidence... of a possible crime.

138. text - A Summer Tale


You're visiting your Uncle in the countryside for a week when a mysterious guy texts you on your phone. The two of you quickly develop a friendship...but perhaps your relationship could become more. There's not much time, so do your best.

137. Mirai Imouto


It was a normal day before Hisao bumps into someone claiming to be his little sister from the future. Just how will brother and sister spend their days as Hisao and Misaki search for a means to return her to her proper time?

136. pXt (Pyramus and Thisbe)


An adaptation of text directly from the end of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

135. Dream Wish


The story is about a girl and a weird creature, and how the bond they formed caused the girl to change.

134. Teachings of the Buddha


Teachings of the Buddha is an english-language visual novel. It features sixteen sutras adapted from, and original digital artwork adapted from tibetan thangka paintings.

133. The Rise and Fall of Gemini


This is a very short story that takes place in an (ever so slightly) alternate universe, and the events are inspired by certain stories from the early days of NASA, but there is absolutely no historical accuracy intended.

132. The Beach


In this short tale, Takeya takes his childhood friend Kayla to his favorite scenic spot. Would this be the right time to become more than just friends?

131. Songs of Araiah


Jason runs away from his home in search of an elusive mansion beyond the forest at the base of a mountain. He seeks its sole resident, a lady believed able to grant any wish. However, she isn't one to deal out favors for free. Is Jason willing to pay the price, even if it's eternal servitude? And what secrets and histories does the mysterious lady possess?

130. The F-cking Question


It's a (Tee! Hee! Hee!) very short 10 minute parody of The Question... (you know, the one included in the Ren'py Distribution).

129. EVE


For this Christmas, I am here to present you with a short visual novel.

128. A Test of Courage


A Test of Courage was the Halloween project for my blog this year, but unfortunately I somehow managed to end up running some four weeks late. Whoops. It features characters who appeared in a bunch of gag comics on my blog last year in a flimsy excuse for a bunch of renpygame-powered minigames. It also constantly makes fun of me and my writing skills ^^;

127. Broken Sky


You lived your whole life around this place and you really like it. But now you have to leave. It's time to say goodbye...

126. 31BR


A competition entry in The Independent Gaming Forums, and a homage to Lovecraft, you play the role of a starving artist trying to sell his bas-relief to a museum curator.