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This function is deprecated.
This special-purpose function has been obsoleted by ATL. While it has been retained for compatibility with older games, it may interact poorly with ATL code.


Animation (*args, **properties):

A Displayable that draws an animation, which is a series of images that are displayed with time delays between them.

Odd (first, third, fifth, etc.) arguments to Animation are interpreted as image filenames, while even arguments are the time to delay between each image. If the number of arguments is odd, the animation will stop with the last image (well, actually delay for a year before looping). Otherwise, the animation will restart after the final delay time.

anim_timebase - If True, the default, use the animation timebase. Otherwise, use the displayable timebase.


    image animation = Animation("frame_1.png", 0.25,
                                "frame_2.png", 0.25,
                                "frame_3.png", 0.25)

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