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Ren'Py 6.9.2 "Roadside Attraction"

You only need to download one of these three files. Each of these files contains the full Ren'Py software development kit, containing everything needed to develop Ren'Py games for Windows 2000 and up, Mac OS X 10.4 and up, and Linux x86. The development environment contains the files needed to produce games for all three platforms. Each file also includes the jEdit text editor, the Ren'Py demo, and "The Question", an example game.

Java Requirement. Java 1.5 or later is required to run the jEdit text editor. If it's not installed on your computer, you'll need to download it from java.com. Java is not required to run Ren'Py games, only to develop your own.

License. Ren'Py is licensed under a very liberal license, that allows for free commercial and non-commercial use. Read the full license for details, but a short summary is that you can distribute Ren'Py games however you want, as long as you include LICENSE.txt.

Release History and Updates

Release (6.9.2a).

Release Announcement

I've released Ren'Py 6.9.2 "Roadside Attraction". This release focuses on fixing bugs that have been found in 6.9.1. The largest bug fixed was one that made Ren'Py not run when sound playback was enabled on a computer with Data Execution Protection enabled, as it is in 64-bit Windows Vista. There was also a change to the play and queue statements to make them match the documented semantics. Please see the changelog for a list of other bugs that have been fixed.

Downloads of 6.9.2 and a full release announcement can be found at:


Bugs in Ren'Py itself (as opposed to questions about using Ren'Py) should be reported to the new bug tracker:


To migrate your game from Ren'Py 6.7.0 or later, copy the directory containing your game into the directory containing the new Ren'Py. Please see the 6.7.0 release notes for information about migrating from older releases.

Changelog for Ren'Py 6.9.2

The semantics for play and queue have changed slightly. Now, when a play statement is followed by one or more queue statements, the first file in each play or queue statement will be played. For example:

play music "a.ogg"
queue music "b.ogg"
queue music "c.ogg"

will play "a.ogg", "b.ogg", and then loop "c.ogg". This change also applies to and .

Rollback was changed so that doing anything other than a roll-forward while in rollback mode exits rollback immediately.

The library alias for config has been removed.

Fixed a regression that caused dissolves to be terribly slow.

Fixed a bug that caused Ren'Py to crash when playing music on Windows when Data Execution Prevention was enabled. DEP is enabled by default on 64-bit Windows Vista.

Fixed a bug that caused Ren'Py to crash when a window icon was used on a computer with a 16-bit or 8-bit screen depth.

Fixed a bug that caused to malfunction.

Fixed a repeated word in "The Question".

Fixed a bug that could cause it to take two tries to define a joystick button.

Other Downloads

The following downloads may be useful if you want to run a windows-only Ren'Py program on other platforms, if you plan to port Ren'Py to a new platform, or if you want to build a distribution of Ren'Py. Recent versions of Ren'Py default to producing distributions for all three supported platforms, making these programs rarely necessary.