This wiki is very out of date, and only exists for historical reasons. For more modern information, see the new documentation and cookbook forum.


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Ren'Py Cookbook

Welcome to the Ren'Py cookbook. Here, you will be able to find user-contributed recipes that allow you to accomplish common (and not-so-common) tasks with Ren'Py.

Please also take a look at the frameworks, which contain more complicated code to allow specific styles of games.

See also http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewforum.php?f=51 , the forum equivalent of this wiki page.

Note that many of these are meant to accomplish specific tasks, and aren't very good examples of Ren'Py code that is used to write games.

Existing Recipes

Special Effects

User Interface



Sound and music


Packaging/Space Saving


Create a new Recipe

You can create a new recipe by filling out this form with the title of the recipe you want. You'll need to be able to edit wikicode. See Help:Editing for details on that, and Wiki:Style Guide for a list of things specific to this wiki.

When done, add this to this page by adding the wikicode:

*[[../New Recipe Name/]]

to one of the categories above.

If someone forgot to add a cookbook page, it will show up in the Cookbook Index. Please add it here.

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