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Customizing the Keymap

The variable config.keymap contains a map from functions that can be performed by the various user-interface elements of Ren'Py to a list of keysyms (a keysym is a key symbol) that actually perform those functions. Modifying the contents of the keymap can change the keys and mouse buttons that cause things to happen.

While this functionality has been added to Ren'Py at a user's request (and because it simplifies the Ren'Py code), it's not altogether clear that it should be used. Having a common set of keybindings makes games easier to play by reducing the learning curve of users. It's probably better to build consensus around a change in keybindings, rather than unilaterally making one game different from every other game.

Anyway, in Ren'Py keysyms are strings. The first kind of keysym is of the form 'mouseup_#' or 'mousedown_#', for a number between 1 and 5. These keysyms are generated by mouse button presses, releases, or turns of the mouse wheel. For example, "mousedown_1" is generally a press of the left mouse button, "mouseup_1" is a release of that button, and "mousedown_4" is a turn of the the mouse wheel to the top.

A second kind of keysym is a joystick keysym. These begin with joy_. They are defined in config.joystick_keys, and mapped to actual joystick events by the user.

A third kind of keysym is a string containing a character that is generated when a key is pressed. This is useful for binding alphabetic keys and numbers. Examples of these keysyms include "a", "A", and "7".

The final kind of keysym is the symbolic name for the key. This can be any of the K_ constants taken from pygame.constants. This type of keysym looks like "K_BACKSPACE", "K_RETURN", and "K_TAB"; a full list of this kind of keysyms may be found here.

To change a binding, update the appropriate list in config.keymap. The following code adds the 't' key to the list of keys that dismiss a say statement, and removes the space key from that list.

    $ config.keymap['dismiss'].append('t')
    $ config.keymap['dismiss'].remove('K_SPACE')

The default keymap is contained inside the python code implementing Ren'Py, and as of version 6.9.1 is as follows:

config.keymap = dict(
    # Bindings present almost everywhere, unless explicitly
    # disabled.
    rollback = [ 'K_PAGEUP', 'mousedown_4', 'joy_rollback' ],
    screenshot = [ 's' ],
    toggle_fullscreen = [ 'f', 'alt_K_RETURN', 'alt_K_KP_ENTER' ],
    toggle_music = [ 'm' ],
    game_menu = [ 'K_ESCAPE', 'mouseup_3', 'joy_menu' ],
    hide_windows = [ 'mouseup_2', 'h', 'joy_hide' ],
    launch_editor = [ 'E' ],
    dump_styles = [ 'Y' ],
    reload_game = [ 'R' ],
    inspector = [ 'I' ],
    developer = [ 'D' ],
    quit = [ 'meta_q', 'alt_K_F4', 'alt_q' ],
    iconify = [ 'meta_m', 'alt_m' ],
    help = [ 'K_F1', 'meta_shift_/' ],
    # Say.
    rollforward = [ 'mousedown_5', 'K_PAGEDOWN' ],
    dismiss = [ 'mouseup_1', 'K_RETURN', 'K_SPACE', 'K_KP_ENTER', 'joy_dismiss' ],

    # Pause.
    dismiss_hard_pause = [ ],
    # Focus.
    focus_left = [ 'K_LEFT', 'joy_left' ],
    focus_right = [ 'K_RIGHT', 'joy_right' ],
    focus_up = [ 'K_UP', 'joy_up' ],
    focus_down = [ 'K_DOWN', 'joy_down' ],
    # Button.
    button_select = [ 'mouseup_1', 'K_RETURN', 'K_KP_ENTER', 'joy_dismiss' ],

    # Input.
    input_backspace = [ 'K_BACKSPACE' ],
    input_enter = [ 'K_RETURN', 'K_KP_ENTER' ],

    # Viewport.
    viewport_up = [ 'mousedown_4' ],
    viewport_down = [ 'mousedown_5' ],
    viewport_drag_start = [ 'mousedown_1' ],
    viewport_drag_end = [ 'mouseup_1' ],
    # These keys control skipping.
    skip = [ 'K_LCTRL', 'K_RCTRL', 'joy_holdskip' ],
    toggle_skip = [ 'K_TAB', 'joy_toggleskip' ],
    fast_skip = [ '>' ],

    # These control the bar.
    bar_activate = [ 'mousedown_1', 'K_RETURN', 'K_KP_ENTER', 'joy_dismiss' ],
    bar_deactivate = [ 'mouseup_1', 'K_RETURN', 'K_KP_ENTER', 'joy_dismiss' ],
    bar_decrease = [ 'K_LEFT', 'joy_left' ],
    bar_increase = [ 'K_RIGHT', 'joy_right' ],
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